Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dispatches from New York: Week 2

We spent our first weekend in New York trying to recover from our busy first week and the busy month preceding our trip here. It was the first time in a LOOOOONG time that Maarten was able to sit still and just be. We've been on the go individually and as a family for the month of September and a lot of things have happened, good and bad, but we've had no time to process them. So why not spend our first weekend in New York City doing just that? It was raining most of the spending a day chilling inside was in the cards anyway.

Well, at least on Saturday. Sunday we jumped back in and took the subway uptown to the Children's Museum of Manhattan (CMOM). It was raining again, so we decided an indoor trip to somewhere Fletcher could run around was in order.

Fletcher loved the subway. Watching the trains pull in and out, people getting on and off- it was fun to see his level of excitement. He knows what the station entrances look like, so every time we pass one he yells 'Train! Go there!'

After a few hours in the CMOM- spent mostly in the firetruck- we had lunch in a Bistro called French Roast and headed back downtown to SOHO.

Monday and Tuesday were spent waiting for packages to be delivered (Fletcher's portable bed) and waiting for our intercom to be fixed, so we spent both days in the neighborhood or at the playground across the street. Monday afternoon we went to Washington Square Park Playground and listened to a live jazz band rehearsing while Fletcher ran around. A lovely sunny afternoon.

On Wednesday we did our first official 'Activity'. The Children's Museum of the Arts in Soho has 'Wee Arts' drop in sessions. Basically you walk into a room and there are several child-size round tables with different activities: painting, drawing, play dough, and giant blocks. There are 'helpers' wandering around to help the kids create or build, such as trying to build a tower from the foam blocks, or knock them down as Fletcher prefers...

The last few minutes of the class include a drumming session and story time. 

After the class is over, they kids get 20 minutes in the ball room. Needless to say, getting Fletcher to leave was a drama :)

Thursday dawned and after 4 days of rain and grey skies, it was a breathtakingly beautiful day in Manhattan. I packed up Fletcher and the buggy and we walked to the Hudson River Park in Tribeca and walked our way down to Battery Park, stopping at 2 playgrounds on the way.

The first playground included rocks the kids could climb, including footholds, which Fletcher really enjoyed, as they were shaped like faces.

We continued down towards Battery Park and took a peak at Lady Liberty in the distance. On the list of places to visit when my mom comes to visit!

By this time Fletcher had fallen asleep and as I was wandering through the financial district I realized I was close to Century21. Not one to miss a golden opportunity like this one, I went in and scored a Coat. Nice job me! Fletcher woke up just as we were leaving the store, so he was able to enjoy the subway ride home from the World Trade Center.

Thursday night we went to the grand opening of the WeWork office where Maarten is based while in New York. It was nice to be out socializing in the evening and Fletcher had a ball running around.

We have brought Fletcher to New York at such an interesting time in his developmental cycle. He is speaking in sentences now and loves to repeat words. It's easier to understand what he wants, which means less frustration on his part. He (sometimes) listens better (and understands more) to what I say, which means we are both happier. If Maarten and I are in separate rooms he will walk to where I am and say 'What are you doing' (with the emphasis on the doing- 'Mama, What? are you dooooing?' ) Then he will walk to Maarten and ask the same question. He loves Firetrucks so we go to the local fire station and hang out side looking at the trucks if the doors are open. He can stare for a long time and will keep saying 'Mama look, Fire Engine'.

For some reason this was also the week he kept asking for Strawberries and Grapes. Last week it was Broccoli, this week fruit. I wonder if I should write Dora the Explorer a Thank you letter for that. He also (Learned from Dora, I am guessing) will say, if he sees a policeman 'Hi Police Man, you are my friend'

It's a beautiful sunny Saturday, so we are going to head up town and explore Central Park. Happy Weekend!

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