Sunday, October 07, 2012

Dispatches from New York: Week 1

We arrived in New York City on Monday evening, October 1st. Fletcher was awake for most of the flight, the long line for immigration, the taxi line, but fell asleep in the taxi (by then it was almost 1am Amsterdam time).

Our apartment is a 4th (US, 3rd NL) floor walkup, which means no elevator, of a pre-war building on a quiet street in Soho with the luxury of a playground across the street.

Inside the apartment is charming. Hardwood floors, crystal door handles and high ceilings. It's a 1 bedroom apartment with a living room, decent sized kitchen and bathroom

Just enough space for the luggage we brought and room for a little extra to bring back :)

The neighborhood is fantastic. While Maarten has been busy setting up his office a few blocks away, Fletcher and I have been walking the neighborhood- checking out the grocery stores and playgrounds. This neighborhood has it all. Next door is DKNY, around the corner is a fantastic french bakery, and 2 blocks away there is a 5 guys and a grocery store.  Every block has something interesting...a boutique shop, a deli, a dry cleaners ($13.50 to have 5 of Maarten's shirts laundered!), bars, restaurants...everything!

Across the street is the Vesuvio Playground and a few blocks away is Washington Square Park, which has a fantastic playground and sand...a requirement some days :).

It's an adjustment to being with Fletcher full time, as he went to daycare 3 days a week in Amsterdam, but so far we are managing. He is an active child and needs a lot of there have been A LOT of trips up and down the stairs. New York is filled with construction sites and Fire trucks, so Fletcher does get his fair share of entertainment.  The Children's museum of the arts is a few blocks away, so Fletcher and I will take some art and music classes there next week. The NY Fire Department museum is also on this side of town, so another trip in the works! Every time we see a fire truck, we stop and look. The firemen always take the time to say hello and wave to him. He loves it@!

Do I like being here? Absolutely. This is a vibrant place with an undercurrent of energy that I haven't felt anywhere else. There is ALWAYS something to do here...museums, concerts, book readings, performances, live music. People here don't go home to make dinner...They pick up dinner on the way home! It's an adjustment from my quiet Watergraafsmeer life to being in the Middle of Soho, but a good one. On Friday night I went to an author meet and greet for Sylvia Day, who is releasing the second book in her 'Crossfire' series, which I love. It was so easy to see it was happening and just go!

We've only been here  a week and I can already see 2 months won't be long enough...though I am profoundly grateful to have this opportunity. Right now we are exploring SoHo, and on the weekends plan to go farther afield so Maarten can visit the sights too. New York is a place for endless possibilities and I, for one, am enjoying my time here.


fashiontweet said...

great read, lovely to hear you are enjoying yourself and you are all settling in nicely, love you guys! x

fashiontweet said...

great read, lovely to hear you are enjoying yourself and you are all settling in nicely, love you guys! x