Thursday, February 28, 2008

An Orange Sunset in Amsterdam

The sunset was quite beautiful here in Amsterdam a few weeks ago. My husband called and said I should get outside and take pictures of it. So I grabbed my camera and rang my neighbors bell. While I have the luxury of a large garden in the middle of the city, my neighbors, Wim and Carolien, and their two sons Mischa and Benjamin, have a roof terrace on the 3rd floor (4th American floor, as here the first floor is the ground floor, where I live). So I went up to their roof terrace and took a few photos of the sunset:

Kind of eerie, but beautiful view from the rooftop..

While I was up on the roof, I heard my cat go through the cat door. I leaned over the railing and said hello to him. He looked up and started meowing quite urgently (my kitty is quite the whiner..fits right into our family!). I laughed and said goodbye to him, then went downstairs and chatted with my neighbor for a few minutes. When I got back downstairs I went outside to see if Freddy the cat was still in the garden. I couldn't find him until I looked up and saw him sitting on the railing of my neighbors balcony. I think he was trying to get to the roof terrace!

Crazy cat. He was quite chill later that evening, hanging out with my husband Maarten on the couch:

He's crazy but we love him!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Finding My Muse

In my life there are two things that inspire me to take pictures: My bubbelah and my garden.

I like to say that 'the Furball is my muse'...Freddy (my cat) is a special cat to me and my husband. He is a crazy cat; neurotic, whiny, sweet and loveable and I try to capture images that express that.

The other thing that also inspires me is plants. I love gardening and when the weather starts to get better I get an itch to go out and be in my garden and take pictures of my favorite plants (Japanese Maples, Peonies and roses, currently). It is February, so my garden is a bit bare right now, but I have big plans...and this year a wide angle lens to capture it all!

And, the garden in winter is such a great place to store your beer!

Still, looks pretty good for February!