Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Cancer Summer is Almost over...

It has been admittedly a very difficult summer. My husband's diagnosis of a Mediastinal Germ Cell tumor in his chest (a rare form of Testicular Cancer) being the main cause. But it hasn't been all bad (says she who didn't go through 4 rounds of BEP chemotherapy). We been inundated with so much love, support and attention that it's hard to feel alone. And we got a new kitten.

On September 11th (a memorable date, I know) we celebrated 9 years of marriage. Lord knows we've had our trials and tribulation (Cancer being a major one, admittedly) but we've made it this far.
But we made it. We also got another kitten...so on Friday we proudly welcome Pebbels to our house. She took to us like wildfire...although she's taking longer to get used to Freddy our other, slightly larger, fatty katty. It's nice to have something positive to focus on while we wait for the next steps in Maartens cancer treatment.