Saturday, September 12, 2009

Year of the Lori: 9 month review

It's now September 2009 and I thought it would be a good point to review how close I am to achieving my goals in this, the Year of the Lori:

Goal 1:
Start a new career path- In September I will begin a 3 year Photography program that will, ultimately, help me become a Professional photographer
Update: I start next week! My career change is (almost!) on track!

Goal 2:
Get Healthy. Really! I mean it! Don't laugh! I WILL exercise again
Update: I am commuting to work via bicycle...which is about 5.1k each I am exercising at least a few days a week...

Goal 3:
I will have a baby
Update: Well, I haven't exactly had a baby (barely enough time for that to have happened already!) but I am FINALLY 'in the family way' at 37! After 7 years of testing, surgeries, procedures, hormones, injections, waiting rooms and countless other things done in the fertility pursuit, I am pregnant (I put it out there and it worked!...well, that and the IUI...).

So, overall, I have to say that this really HAS been the Year of the Lori. I'm on track to achieving my goals (although I really do need to exercise more often (now, more than ever)... But if I look back to where I was 1 year ago...when my husband was finishing his last round of chemo, I have to say that life is heading in the right direction.

This past Wedensday my husband got his latest results...and it looks like his tumor is gone. Yesterday, September 11th, my husband and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary and had our first echo. Jr is looking good so far! And today we celebrate the fact that 1 year ago today we brought Pebbles home. She inspired us and gave us energy at a particularly tiring time in our life and we are forever grateful for that.

What a difference a year makes!