Sunday, February 10, 2008

Finding My Muse

In my life there are two things that inspire me to take pictures: My bubbelah and my garden.

I like to say that 'the Furball is my muse'...Freddy (my cat) is a special cat to me and my husband. He is a crazy cat; neurotic, whiny, sweet and loveable and I try to capture images that express that.

The other thing that also inspires me is plants. I love gardening and when the weather starts to get better I get an itch to go out and be in my garden and take pictures of my favorite plants (Japanese Maples, Peonies and roses, currently). It is February, so my garden is a bit bare right now, but I have big plans...and this year a wide angle lens to capture it all!

And, the garden in winter is such a great place to store your beer!

Still, looks pretty good for February!

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Alexandra S said...

Have you seen Laini's mom's place yet with her plants and gardens? You won't believe it! Greetings from Portland! Come visit soon! btw, have you been back for those crazy tasty french fries we had together when I was there? Sometimes I remember those with those tasty dipping sauces and wish you could fax them here.