Thursday, August 05, 2010

Sorry for the long absence...but I've been busy..Having a baby!

My son, Fletcher, was born in April. It's been an intensely wonderful, tiring, joyful, exhausting and precious 4 months since he was born. My life has been completely flipped over on it's side. The first few months have been VERY intense, and I truly believe that we had him at the right time, with the right amount of patience to enjoy every day we have with Fletcher.

Due to the timing of the pregnancy and the start of the Photography Course, I was unable to continue studying...for now. This put my dream of being a professional photographer on hold for a little while as I focus on the most important job I have right now: keeping Fletcher alive (happy, safe and healthy and all that too, of course....) So far it seems to be working (thank goodness!)

In the meantime i will begin to post my latest photography project here...Fletcher of the Day. Every day I take a photo of the little guy and post it on twitter. I will attempt to have them posted here. That means i will be updating every day! Get ready!

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