Thursday, February 11, 2010

Photo School on Hold...For Now

So of you may remember that I was supposed to start Photo School in September. The 3 year program was put on hold because there wasn't enough the start was postponed to October...then December...and has finally started...on January 30th.

After a lot of thinking...I decided to postpone starting myself until the next group starts in September. Why? Well, I am currently 29 weeks pregnant....with diabetes, due to give birth in 10 weeks. I don't think it would be an ideal blood sugar goes up with stress (not healthy for me or the little boy) and I can barely see my feet. (not really relevant...but an issue none-the-less). If we had started in September, then I would be far enough into the course to probably go on...but at this point, I think it's a bit late for me to start.

I don't plan on giving up my dream....just postponing and re-adjusting it. Right now, my priority is my diet...and my dream of going into sugar coma after I give birth by consuming as much Ben and Jerry's chocolate fudge ice cream as I can get my hands on.

10 weeks to go....

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Bercis said...

Hi Lory ,
First of all ,I hope everything is ok with your pregnancy.
I search a proper school for just to be better in my hobby.I am living in Haarlem which is close to Amsterdam. If you could just mail me with your experiences I would apreciate it. is my blog :))
Take care and Good luck you two