Monday, June 09, 2008

Blowing Bubbles in Italy

Just got back from a weekend in italy to attend a friend (one of the best)'s wedding. Jeanine and Luca married at a beautiful location in Mombaruzzo Italy. The sun was shinning, the prosecco was plentiful and we blew bubbles

The wedding was lovely and the trip accoplished what we needed most at the time; distraction. Honestly if we had written a description of our ideal weekend PT (pre-tumor) it would have been this past weekend: Beautiful location (Italy) Lovely Hotel (La Villa Hotel), Great Food and wine (Italy!) Wonderful Friends and...wait for Outlet Mall! Yes! We had everything. Lens was happy to buy his Prada sandals and I was happy with my Onstuka Tigers.

The bride was gorgeous as was the groom equally so. What a lovely couple.

Anyway, we are off to get a biopsy

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